WOMEN'S RETREAT: Reclaiming Our Power

Yoga is the practice of taking the consequences being yourself

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Friday, Sep. 21 (7:00 PM) - Sunday, Sep. 23 (4:00 PM)

A Tantric Yoga Retreat for Modern Women Warriors

Program Highlights

Weekend retreat based on advanced yoga texts and the 8 limbs of yoga. No yoga experience required. We will illuminate the 5 layers of illusion that cover our divine light and keep us from connecting with our pure consciousness or highest self.

Planned Activities

Opening ceremony; daily sunrise yoga and meditation; 5 structured, successive yogic teachings; systematic relaxation techniques; unstructured time for self-reflection and homework assignments; access to independent practitioners (additional cost; fees vary); Saturday feast; evening bonfire with dancing and singing, weather permitting; and closing circle after final teaching on Sunday, all in a woodland environment.


Lodging options consist of beds in shared modern cabins with full kitchens and baths; floor space in cabins (bring air mattresses and bedding); or space for tent camping in a nearby field with access to bathroom. All retreat participants will stay on-site at The Apple Farm Community in Three Rivers, Michigan, which runs entirely on charitable donations. Use of kitchens included in retreat fee.


Simple, healthy meals and some snacks will be provided! Come get away from your normal routine, and leave the cares and logistics to us. We've got you covered! Please communicate your dietary needs to us at least 2 weeks in advance of the retreat; cabin kitchens are also available for your use. Tell us what you eat.

What will you release, to make room for new growth in the coming months? What will you plant now that you’ll harvest later? Come join us for the weekend, and “seed” what’s in store for yourself!

What are you ready to let "fall" away?

The Fall Equinox is an auspicious time to reward yourself with the gift of a retreat—it signifies the winding down of the growing season, change, and a turning inward—as we seek to identify that which no longer serves us and which calls for a releasing. It is a sacred space in which to connect with the divine—both within ourselves and in that which surrounds us. It marks the outward decline and withering of the physical realm in nature, as the bounty falls to the ground or is harvested; leaves turn colors; and plants and grasses turn brown and dry. And yet, it can also be a time to plant, such as bulbs that will burst forth and bloom in the spring, after a long, introspective winter of quiet solitude and underground reflection.

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